Helios™ Adaptive Controller

Sheetlite Exit Sign lights consist of two innovations: the sign containing the LEC luminous layer, and the Helios™, the brain that controls the required electromagnetic field. It is the Helios™ Adaptive Controller that provides the LEC-layer with a double lifespan, by constantly ensuring the proper light output throughout
the years. No other light signs continue to operate at the same strength for such a long time. And at lower power consumption!

Lichttechniek sheets

    3x more efficiency than the average LED:

  • 5 to 10 times longer lifespan (according to NEN 6088) than the average LED
  • 10 to 20 x better visibility in smoke than the average LED
  • 3 to 5 times lower total cost of ownership than the average LED
LEC vs LED Sheetlite


LEC and LED are both forms of electroluminescence. This material emits light as a result of an electric current passing through it, or an electric field associated with it. The major difference is that a LED operates with direct current, and a diode which lets the current through in only one direction. The diodes can be seen as lamps. LEC works with alternating current, which is sent to two layers. In between, there is a layer of phosphor, which lights up by the electromagnetic field generated by the outer layers. There are no distinguishable lights, the whole surface is a light source.

LED & LEC Smoke Sheetlite

Visibility in case of smoke

EL outperforms LED in a situation with good visibility, in case of smoke, and with respect to energy consumption.
Texas Engineering Exchange (Texas A&M) has carried out several tests and the LEC lighting comes out on top in the test.

TEEX report


Sheetlite’s parent company in the United States, Limelight, received various awards for LEC- technology combined with the HeliosTM Adaptive Controller. This multiple award-winning technology for signs is now available in Europe, thanks to Sheetlite. Set the stage for the future and choose sustainable Exit Sign lights!

Award NREL Sheetlite

2011, Outstanding Venture Award

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Award HSC Sheetlite

The Safety All-Star Award

Home Safety Council, Washington DC

Award HSC PA1 Sheetlite

Product Innovation for Consumer Safety

Home Safety Council, Washington DC

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