The Benefits

Higher efficiency

Sheetlite LEC’s technology does not work with diodes through which a current is sent in one direction, but with a phosphor layer in an electromagnetic field. This technology requires less energy for a visible Exit Sign light. This leads to a 3 times higher efficiency than the average LED.

Better visibility

Because the entire surface itself emits light in LECs, LEC provides a much more uniform light than LED, where there are several lights that illuminate the board. This leads to a 2 to 20 x better visibility in case of smoke than when using an average LED light.

Longer life span, greater reliability

Because LEC operates at lower wattages, they are able to produce the amount of light required according to the NEN 6088 standard for Exit Sign lights longer than LEDs are. Resulting in a 3 to 10 times longer lifespan than the average LED. In addition, Sheetlite’s LECs are resistant to high temperatures, enabling them to also complete with thin layer LED technology, such as OLED.

Lower ‘total cost of ownership’

And how do these advantages benefit your bottom line? A 3 to 5 times lower total cost of ownership than the average LED.

The New Standard

  • Energy saving
  • Costs saving
  • Lifesaving
  • Environmentally friendly


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See the differences

Here are the facts about the existing types of escape route lights, alongside the latest Sheetlite technology.

The differences speak volumes. Start benefiting from technology, today and tomorrow!

LEC Exit sign Sheetlite LED Exit sign Sheetlite TL Exit sign Sheetlite
Lightning type LEC Technology LED Technology TL Technology
Lifetime 10 years 4-5 years 3,5 years
Backup battery 4 years 4 years 4 years
Wifi unit management
(possible with ‘tailored’ quote)
yes no no
LED DROOP no yes yes
Auto brightness dividing yes no no