Saving energy can be this clear

Clearly visible and recognisable escape route lights are not only vital, but also required under the Building Act and Working Conditions Decree. Because Exit Signs lights are permanently lit, energy and maintenance costs can run high without anyone noticing. But not with Sheetlite.

Sheetlite offers LEC technology: more visibility at much lower costs. Sheetlite escape route lights use LEC, the latest development in lighting technology. The acronym stands for Light Emitting Capacitors. These make an ultra thin phosphor layer light up when a minimal amount of power passes through it.

LEC beats LED on all fronts

The low energy costs, the high and uniform light output, and the long life span make Sheetlite’s LEC technology beat LED on all fronts, and certainly every older type of lighting. Replacing your Exit Sign light with Sheetlite pays off immediately!

Better visibility

DBecause the entire surface itself emits light in LECs, LEC provides a much more uniform light than LEDs, where there are several lights that illuminate the board. This leads to a 2 to 20x better visibility in case of smoke than when using an average LED light.

Longer life span, greater reliability

Because LEC operates at lower wattages, they are able to produce the amount of light required according to the NEN 1836 standard for Exit Sign lights longer than LEDs. Resulting in 2 times longer lifespan than the average LED.

Lower ‘total cost of ownership’

And how do these advantages benefit your bottom line? A 2 to 5 times lower total cost of ownership than the average LED.


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Discover the Helios Technology

The power of electroluminescence

Just like LED, LEC is a form of electroluminescence. This material emits light as a result of an electric current passing through it. But there is an important difference. A LED operates with direct current, and a diode which lets the current through in only one direction. The diodes can be seen as lamps.
LEC works with alternating current, which is sent to three layers. In between, there is a layer of phosphor, which lights up by the electromagnetic field generated by the outer layers. There are no distinguishable lights, the whole surface is a light source.


The benefits

Maintenance saving

The Sheetlite Exit Sign light has a longer functional life than LED signs, requires little maintenance, and replacement of the emergency battery is simple.

Life saving

Sheetlite Exit Sign signs give a clear and uniform light. They remain better visible in case of smoke than LED signs.

Enviromental saving

The low energy costs of Sheetlite Exit Sign lights reduce the environmental burden.

The new standard

Reliable escape route lights
for a lower TOC.

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